Monday, April 11, 2011

MySQL Replication & Backup at Collaborate 11

The MySQL talks at Collaborate 11 start in just a few hours. The MySQL Replication and Backup team will make the following presentations:
  • At 11 April 11:45am, Andrei will present "Boosting MySQL Replication Performance Through Multi-Threaded Slave" in which he shows the ongoing development of the multi-threaded slave and how you can try it out for yourself.
  • At 11 April 2:30pm, I will present "MySQL Replication" and go through an overview of all the new features that has been developed for MySQL Replication. It is a long list.
  • At 12 April 3:15pm, Luis do an "Introduction to MySQL Replication" for anyone new to MySQL Replication or who wants a refreshed mind on how it works.
  • At 13 April 8:00am,  Mats presents "Sharding Techniques for MySQL" to show how you can do sharding with MySQL.
  • At 13 April 10:30am, Sanjay talks about "MySQL Enterprise Backup" and the new features we have developed for doing online backups.
  • At 14 April 09:45am, Chuck gives an "Introduction to MySQL in the Cloud" that describes how easy it is to use MySQL in a cloud.
The best way I've found to find all the MySQL talks, is to surf to and enter "MySQL" as a keyword.

Also, Sheeri's blog posts contains a very good description of many of the MySQL talks:
Have a great conference!


Sheeri K. Cabral said...

Note: the beginner blog post does not have the comprehensive list of mysql talks at Collaborate. There's also a blog post about an intermediate/advanced mysql dab guide to collaborate...and the sum of both still doesn't have all 60+ presentations at Collaborate.

Lars Thalmann said...

@Sheeri, thanks. I've updated the post with the new link.

rshuddleston said...

How Can I see your presentation at collaborate. When I click on the presentation it asks for a pass phrase. Can you post your slides somewhere else?