Monday, October 3, 2011

MySQL Oracle Open World talks

Some suggestions for MySQL sessions at Oracle Open World 2011.

Tomas Ulin will give the MySQL keynote today:
  • MySQL Executive Keynote: The state of the dolphin, Monday 12:30pm
Luis Soares, Sanjay Manwani, Chuck Bell and myself will give the following talks:
  • Introduction to MySQL Replication, Monday 2:00pm
    A walk-through of how MySQL Replication works and what you can do with it.  An introduction if you don't know it, and a summary of possible use cases for those of you that are already familiar with the technology.
  • Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures, Tuesday 10:15am
    Directed for the more advanced users, in this talk we go through not only the traditional but also more complex scenarious, e.g. hierarchical replication and replicating from multiple master servers into a slave server.
  • Data Protection and Recovery for MySQL, Wednesday 1:00pm
    Describes different ways to do protect your data, logical backups using mysqldump, snapshot backups, and MySQL Enterprise Backup to do backup and restore. Benefits of the different technologies and when to use what.
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup, Wednesday 5:00pm
    An introduction to the MySQL Enterprise backup tool, what you can do with it and its integration with media managers, such as Oracle Secure Backup. How to create full, incremental, and partial backups.
  • Cloud Computing Solutions for MySQL, Thursday 1:30pm
    How to use MySQL in the cloud with use cases. Describes benefits and risks. Improvements in MySQL 5.6 for InnoDB and MySQL Replication to improve the use of MySQL in the cloud.
(Please double check the time of the talks, since schedule may change.)

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